what is the best vape flavor? 10 things you should know

what is the best vape flavor? 10 things you should know

What is vape flavor made of?

E-cigarette liquid, also known as electronic cigarette liquid, is an electronic atomization liquid used in conjunction with electronic cigarettes. It can be heated by an electronic cigarette atomizer to produce a mist like a cigarette. The English expression is Electronic Cigarette Liquid/E-Liquid/Smoke Liq Electronic Cigarette Liquid glycerin, propylene glycol, tobacco flavor, tobacco extract. Basic information E-liquid components The main components of e-liquid are food grade or pharmaceutical grade glycerol, propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol, and tobacco flavor. Some e-liquids also contain nicotine, mainly for its taste closer to cigarettes.

How to use E-cigarette oil is used in conjunction with e-cigarettes, generally ranging from 0.5ml to 1ml at a time. Use a pointed bottle, drop the e-liquid into the atomizer, and shake it well. When using, pay attention to the amount of e-liquid in the atomizer, too little e-liquid will cause damage to the atomizer and burnt smell.

Common flavors of e-liquid There are generally three flavors of e-liquid: tobacco flavor, fruit flavor, and herbal flavor. The tobacco taste is generally imitates existing cigarettes, as the fragrance type of traditional cigarettes such as Zhonghua, Yuxi, Marlboro. There are many fruit flavors, common fruits such as apple, essence, orange, lemon, strawberry, watermelon, and so on. As long as there are fruits, they can generally be imitated. Herbal flavors imitate the taste of grass plants, such as mint, vanilla, licorice, and other flavors.

how many vape flavors are there

For players, the most concerned thing is the taste of e-liquid. However, there are so many brands of e-liquid on the market, and there are all kinds of flavors, all kinds of surprises, and it is difficult for people to choose. Li Yili, the taste of e-cigarette oil can be divided into 7 categories, including classified fruits, health care, tobacco, beverages, milk, food, herbal medicine, etc.

1. Fruit e-liquid This type of e-liquid is the most common, and it is also the first choice for all players. Fruit, as the name suggests, is the fruit that everyone has seen or eaten, such as: apples, peaches, blackberries, blueberries, strawberry, cherries, lemon, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, grape, grapefruit, passion fruit, watermelon, pineapple, coconut, banana, lychee, mixed fruit, kiwi, orange, almond, apricot, black walnut, cinnamon, Dark plum, snake fruit, hazelnut, orange, mango, peanut, pear, raspberry, red date, pomegranate, fruit punch, raspberry, melon, etc. If the ingredients are absolutely safe, about 99% of people can accept fruit-flavored e-liquids. Use food-grade fruit flavors, such as TFA, Fa, Fw, Cap, HelloCig, and others flavors. The fruit e-liquids produced have a higher similarity. It will not make you feel that the chemical smell is heavy (it also avoids the so-called “very fragrance” phenomenon). Of course, if some people don’t like to eat certain fruits, such as apples and durians, just avoid these tastes when purchasing.

2. Health-care e-liquids To say without humility, the health-care e-liquids I own are absolutely rare in the market, such as breath freshener, mouth freshener, tasteless, big horse, health-care No. 1, health-care No. 2, vitamins. Many players ask: Does it work? You’ll know if you try it, what’s the big deal.

3. Tobacco e-liquid Many players ask me, does the tobacco taste like real smoke? Not exactly. It is almost impossible to achieve the feeling of real smoke 100%. Paper cigarettes are burned and smoked, while electronic cigarettes smoke steam. Of course, you want to add some tar to the e-liquid to find the feeling of real smoke, it is better to directly Smoked a cigarette. You know. 44 kinds of cigarette flavors (including domestic and foreign): Marlboro, Cigar, Camel, Phnom Penh, Wrigley, Kool, Soft Seven Star, Newborn, Peace, Paramount, Salon, Seven Star, Three Five, Lucky, Seven Star Mint, Davidoff, Flue-cured, Lambo, Aroma, Light Aroma, Virginia, Winston, Long Red, Generic, Benson, Black Devil, Hybrid, Castor, Cigar Cherry, Cohiba, Hiro, French Pipe, Golden Virginia, Hilton, Indonesian 334 clove cigarettes, Indonesian Sampoerin clove cigarettes, Indonesian salt warehouse clove cigarettes, Indonesian salt high warehouse clove cigarettes, Indonesian Dajim clove cigarettes, Zhonghua, Ruyan, Furongwang, Liqun , Yuxi.

4. Beverages, drinks, tea, and e-liquid also belong to this category. 40 different flavors: such as Pepsi, Red Bull, Coffee, Coke, Green Arrow, Chocolate, Green Tea, Black Tea, Dr. Pepper, Cappuccino, Caramel, Mocha Caramel, Coconut Milk, Cream Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Milk Tea, Mung Bean , oats, champagne, cream, eggnog, red wine, rum, whiskey, cognac, brandy, amaretto, beer, black currant, cream rum, honey, bubble gum, butterscotch, cheesecake, vanilla bourbon, Rum grape ice cream, cotton candy, ice cream, waffles, Tieguanyin Recommended flavors: Tieguanyin, (ice) Red Bull, (ice) black tea, green tea, red wine, milk tea.

5. Milk e-liquid If you have a sweet tooth, milk e-liquid will be your ration choice, plus an appropriate amount of sweetener, the taste is mellow and rich. Recommended flavors: mother’s milk, absolute containment, vanilla cream, banana dessert

6, food e-juice basically tastes similar to milk and belongs to e-juice with a sweet feeling. Ace Chess Player, Twilight Memory, Peppermint Chocolate, Strawberry Cheesecake, Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles, Raging Seas, Oreo Cookies, Strawberry Pineapple Cake, Cosmic Fog, Grunt Car, Lemon Candy, Pineapple Cake. Recommendation: Ace Chess Player, Oreo Biscuits

7, Herbal Medicine Players should not be surprised to see ginger and mustard. Existence is reasonable, some people like it, and others hate it. Some time ago, I was on the public side of a certain home forum and randomly sent 3 bottles of ginger and fennel to the winners. I haven’t received any feedback from this big guy’s forum evaluation for a long time, so I must have thrown it away. Distressed my oil. 19 species: vanilla, mint, peppermint, jasmine, rose, rosemary, spearmint, osmanthus, clove, ginger, ginseng, wolfberry, lavender, licorice, chamomile, mustard, cocoa, angelica, fennel.

Regarding the concentration of e-liquid, be careful you choose the wrong one

E-liquid contains a certain proportion of nicotine ingredients, mainly to make it closer to the taste of tobacco. However, it is worth noting that nicotine is addictive. Therefore, in the actual use process, the e-liquid is not chosen randomly. Be careful to choose the wrong one, which will cause unnecessary harm to the body. Why do you say that? There is a concept involved here, that is, the concentration of e-liquid. The so-called e-liquid concentration can also be understood as the nicotine capacity of e-liquid, which refers to the level of nicotine content in the e-liquid. For example, the concentration is 6mgsmoke oil, which means 1mL of e-juice contains 6mgof nicotine. In other words, the nicotine content in e-liquid is calculated by the nicotine contained in each milliliter.

At present, the concentration of e-cigarette oil on the market is mainly divided into no0mg, Low6mg,middle13mg,high18mgand other four safety standard concentrations. If the concentration of nicotine is too high, it may cause chest tightness and nausea to consumers. Nicotine salt is popular in the market, so it is. Of course, there are also some customized e-liquid concentrations, such as 3 mg, 9mg,11mg, and 34mgetc. This is specially customized by the smoke oil manufacturer according to the needs of special customers. Finally, I would like to remind consumers that they must understand the concentration of e-liquid and be careful not to choose the wrong one. When purchasing, you should decide according to your own actual situation. If you are a small smoker, it is recommended to have no or low concentration. If you are addicted to cigarettes, it is recommended to choose a medium or high concentration. It is recommended to choose e-cigarettes for the first time or rarely smoke0mgor 6mg. At the same time, during use, do not inhale a large amount into the lungs to reduce nicotine intake.

what is steeping E Liquid.

E-cigarette oil is composed of a variety of chemical substances compounded by polymers. It also includes various essences, both oily and water-based. Although their densities are very close, there will still be separation, just like water and oil. The purpose of waking up the oil is to allow them to fully integrate with each other to achieve a balanced state, and then improve the quality of the e-liquid. It usually takes 3-8 weeks to wake up the e-juice just after it is produced, so that the taste will be stronger; if the e-juice has been produced for a long time, the effect of rejuvenation will be minimal at this time.

Another example is that some flavors of vape juice need to be waking up to release its flavor, and the effect of waking up will be obvious at this time; some flavors do not need waking up, and the taste will not change due to waking up. If you want your e-juice to have a stronger taste and wake up the e-juice, then you need to pay attention to a few things:

1. The time to wake up the e-juice is generally 3-8 weeks, try the taste every 3 days, if you think it is OK, you don’t need it Continue to wake up. Generally speaking, the stronger the flavor of e-liquid, the longer it will take, and the clearer the e-liquid, the shorter the time.

2. To wake up the oil, you need to change the air continuously. By shaking the method, the old air will be squeezed out and fresh air will be replaced, and so on.

3. When waking up, the e-liquid should be stored in a cool place to prevent deterioration.

4. In the process of steeping the oil, you need to open the cover every 1 to 3 days, let the e-liquid fully “breathe” for 15 minutes, shake it well and then cover it.

5. If conditions permit, you can accelerate the recovery of oil by heating in a water bath or ultrasonication.

6. After waking up, the color of the e-liquid will become darker. This is because the nicotine is dark yellow after oxidation. Don’t think that the e-liquid is broken.

   Basic knowledge of e-cigarettes The composition of e-liquid  

 E-liquid can be said to be the most important component of electronic cigarettes. There are many brands and flavors of e-liquid, domestic, imported, American, Malay… At least there are thousands of flavors. And when you smoke your favorite e-liquid every day and enjoy the satisfaction of your taste buds, have you ever wondered what this wonderful liquid is made of? How do you make it have different tastes and unique flavors? Today Steam Bus will tell you about the composition of e-liquid. Generally speaking, e-liquid is generally composed of five types of raw materials. They are PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin, also known as glycerin), flavors, nicotine, and taste-improving additives. 

1. PG (Propylene Glycol), also known as propylene glycol, is a common drug and food additive. Hygroscopic, slightly sweet, colorless, odorless, transparent liquid with good fluidity. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines PG as “generally safe for humans”. Of course, there is also a saying that PG is slightly poisonous. As one of the basic components of e-liquid, PG is mainly used as a carrier of essence to enhance the taste of e-liquid. After heating, it will produce a small amount of mist with a certain throat hit feeling. It also has the function of diluting VG to reduce the viscosity of the e-liquid and facilitate the oil conduction. Although PG is generally safe for the human body, a small number of people still experience side effects such as throat discomfort, phlegm, and allergies. Such side effects are short-lived and mild, as long as you stop smoking or change to e-liquid with low PG content or e-liquid without PG, the symptoms will disappear naturally. E-juice with high PG content generally has a thicker taste, a slightly stronger throat hit, and a relatively smaller amount of smoke. 

2. VG (Vegetable Glycerin), also known as vegetable glycerin or glycerin. Like PG, it is also a raw material widely used in daily life. Careful friends look at the cosmetics, food, wine, and sugar around them. The ingredients marked on these packages all have “propylene glycol and glycerin”. People who especially like sweets eat a lot of VG. Because the ingredients of these sweets such as cakes and biscuits mostly contain VG. The main role of VG in e-liquid is to generate mist. VG will produce a lot of mist after being heated. Generally, friends who use too large mist or dripping oil atomizers should know that to increase the volume of mist, it is necessary to use refined oil and add a large amount of VG to produce ideal mist. VG is highly hygroscopic and very viscous. If the fluidity of an e-liquid is poor, it must have a high VG ratio. This kind of e-liquid has a lot of smoke, a slightly weaker flavor, and a slightly weaker throat hit. 

3. Essence, the role of essence in e-liquid is very important, it can be said to be the soul of e-liquid. The flavor of e-liquid is determined by the essence. The combination of different flavors and flavors and the ratio determine the flavor of an e-liquid. Generally, e-liquids with unique flavors have very complicated flavor formulas. There are some special flavors, such as “peppermint”, which also have a throat hit. 

4. The main function of nicotine is to relieve the addiction and produce a throat hit. And it has a certain effect of improving the taste of smoke oil. Some people talk about “nicotine discoloration” and think that nicotine is highly poisonous. In fact, all the e-liquid contains nicotine solution, and the concentration is not high. Nicotine, which has been closely related to “death” and “cancer” for nearly a hundred years, has received a lot of new attention, and many experts have justified its name. It is believed that the nicotine in cigarettes does not cause much harm. The real carcinogens are tar, carbon monoxide and more than 4,000 kinds of toxic, harmful and even radioactive substances produced by burning cigarettes. Of course, the harm of nicotine to the body cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is best to gradually reduce the nicotine concentration of e-liquid and get rid of nicotine dependence as soon as possible. The common nicotine concentration of e-liquid is 0mg, 6mg, 13mg, 18mg. The larger the number, the higher the concentration of nicotine per milliliter of e-juice, and the stronger the throat hit. Of course, the entrance is also more choking. Concentrations that are too high can cause coughing, stomach pains, and dizziness. So if you use e-cigarettes again, if the phenomenon mentioned above occurs, please replace the e-liquid with low nicotine concentration. Most people feel the best when using 6mg e-liquid, which can meet their needs, has a good throat hit, and is not choking. 

5. Additives include sweeteners, sour agents, throat emollients, deionized water (distilled water), etc. The main function is to improve the taste of e-liquid and make up for the lack of flavor. For example, some flavors of e-liquid will be slightly bitter and sour, and sweeteners can be added appropriately to improve the taste. The role of deionized water is mainly used to dilute VG. Some e-liquids do not contain PG, and VG is very viscous, which will cause poor oil conduction in some oil storage atomizers. In order to maintain the ratio of pure VG, add deionized water to dilute VG to improve fluidity. Pure water, mineral water, and ordinary tap water are prohibited from being added to e-liquid. Because the water contains ions, and the ions are conductive, if they are added to the e-liquid and then added to the atomizer, a short circuit will occur, causing the device to fail to work, while deionized water and distilled water are non-conductive. The above is the composition of smoke oil. 

The raw materials used in high-quality e-liquid should be food-grade, that is to say, they can be used as food raw materials. Some imported or domestically-exported e-liquid must pass the US FDA certification to prove that it is harmless to the human body before it can be allowed. Sale. Therefore, when purchasing e-liquid, try to choose big brands and merchants with high integrity. It is best not to try some unknown e-liquids, as they are likely to be blended by “black workshops” with unqualified and inferior raw materials, which are unhygienic and harmful to the body. Through the above explanation, I believe that everyone has an understanding of the basic components of e-liquid. Qualified e-liquids produced by regular manufacturers are said to be made of food-grade raw materials, which are very hygienic and safe. These common raw materials that make up e-liquid have already penetrated into our lives. Cosmetics and lipsticks for women all contain PG, VG, and essences. Cakes, biscuits, and various foods also contain it. After clarifying the composition of the e-liquid, you don’t have to worry too much about whether the composition of the e-liquid is poisonous or harmful, and when you buy e-liquid in the future, you can choose the appropriate e-liquid according to your needs, and you won’t buy the special e-liquid by mistake. The embarrassing situation of using high VG e-liquid on the storage atomizer. Of course, we must pay attention to speed in everything, and excessiveness is not good. Therefore, even if it is a very safe ingredient, it is recommended that you use it as little as possible, and do not overuse it, so as not to affect the body.  

best vape flavors to choose that suits you  

 In fact, many friends are entangled in choosing e-liquid, and don’t know which one is more suitable for them. The following editor, Mai Xiang, will briefly talk about the price of e-liquid: 

1. The choice of taste is very important. Different people have different opinions on the same kind of e-liquid There are different sensations in the taste. When choosing, it is recommended to buy a small amount to try, so as not to like to waste. At the same time, different brands of the same taste, such as apple, have different tastes, so you need to understand when buying. 

2. Base liquid The base liquid is generally a mixture of propylene glycol and glycerin. The proportion of propylene glycol is about 80%. Propylene glycol will bring a throat hit. Glycerin brings smoke, and the ratio of the two determines the taste and amount of smoke of the e-liquid. 

3. The nicotine concentration is generally recommended to be 6mg low-concentration or 11mg medium-concentration e-liquid. Generally speaking, you can choose medium-concentration e-liquid for about one pack of cigarettes a day. If you want a more stimulating feeling, you can choose high-concentration e-liquid. (Mai Xiang editor suggests that if it is not necessary, try not to choose high-concentration e-liquid) 

4. Allergic reactions Some e-cigarette users report nausea and dizziness when using e-cigarettes. This may be an allergy to nicotine or propylene glycol. It is recommended to choose low-concentration e-cigarettes Or non-concentrated smoke oil. 

5. Branded e-liquid When choosing e-liquid, you must choose branded e-liquid or e-liquid produced by a regular factory, and don’t try to buy low-quality e-liquid at a low price. The purpose of using electronic cigarettes is to be healthier, and one should not lose sight of the other because of the price.  

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